About us

MFT Services S.A. was incorporated in 2013 to build on Maurice Taylor’s success as an independent trade consultant and whose professional activity was established in Geneva in 1993, encompassing a full range of high quality services to international customers and specialized commercial banks alike, in the area of ​​commodity trading, trade finance and several other related activities.

Our customers are mainly, but not exclusively, midsize commercial entities looking to outsource all or part of the administration incumbent to their trading activity, including operations and finance.

In a changing world, rendered more complex every day, we at MFT Services S.A. are committed to providing our clients with effective solutions to their current business requirements, supported by the founder’s 36 years of expertise in the area of trade finance and the company’s access to an extensive network of recognized professionals worldwide.

As President and CEO of the company, Maurice Taylor provides MFT Services S.A.’s customers with his long established experience and general knowledge in the field of trading and trade finance and his vast professional network of both local and international specialists in various matters (such as legal, tax, audit, corporate governance, etc.). With its seasoned and dedicated team, MFT Services S.A. aims to respond with speed, professionalism and creativity to the variety of needs of its customers and provide them with tailor made and innovative solutions.


Our services


Our team is able to ensure the external roles of trade finance and operations departments.


Actively sourcing deals in line with Bluestone Merchant Fund Ltd’s objectives.


Corporate governance with respect to accounting, auditing, risk management, compliance and other regulatory requirements.


Handling of correspondence, management of bank accounts, general business administration.

Commercial Relations

Assistance in finding customers, suppliers, etc.