Some of our reference partners

Trade Finance Banks (in alphabetical order)

  • Amsterdam Trade Bank, Amsterdam
  • Banca dello Stato del Cantone Ticino, Lugano
  • Banque Cantonale de Genève (BCGe), Geneva
  • Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV), Lausanne
  • BCP (Banque de Commerce et de Placements), Geneva
  • BGFIBank Europe, Paris
  • BIC-BRED, Geneva
  • CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA, Geneva
  • Credit Europe, Amsterdam and Geneva
  • Credit Suisse, Geneva and Zurich
  • ING Belgium, Brussels, Geneva Branch
  • MCB – The Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd, Port Louis
  • Raiffeisen Bank International A.G., Vienna
  • Sberbank Switzerland A.G., Zurich
  • Société Générale, Geneva
  • UBS SA, Geneva
  • ZKB, Zürcher Kantonalbank, Zurich 

and other smaller trade finance banks, mostly in Geneva.

Trade Finance Funds

and others.


Our clientele is composed of mostly small to medium size traders but we occasionally carry out specific mandates for larger and more prestigious entities or groups.  We don’t reveal any names of our clients, without their consent.

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