Our services

Operations and Finance

Our team is able to ensure the external roles of trade finance and operations departments. The main services we offer are listed below:

  • Reviewing of trade contracts in order to identify and reduce commercial and financial risks;
  • Liaising with the load port and disport agents, independent inspectors, shipbrokers, insurance companies;
  • Forwarding of ship nominations and documentary instructions to suppliers;
  • Approaching banks to obtain trade related and structured finance credit facilities;
  • Structuring specific trade transactions in order to secure financing solutions;
  • Drafting of letters of credit based on contractual requirements;
  • Issuing of invoices and other in-house documents (draft beneficiary certificates, packing lists, etc.);
  • Negotiating of documents under letters of credit or documentary remittances;
  • Short-term cash management (fiduciary deposits, fixed-term loans, etc.);
  • Providing term sheets and other detailed follow-up reports for traders and accountants.

Part or all these services can be made available, depending on specific current needs of each customer. With this flexibility, we are able to assist our clients in their various growth phases and allow them to smooth out cyclical fluctuations in their trade volumes.

Investment Advisors

Corporate Functions

  • Formation and domiciliation of Swiss and foreign companies;
  • Corporate governance with respect to accounting, auditing, risk management, compliance and other regulatory requirements;
  • Board membership of companies both in Switzerland and abroad.


  • Handling of correspondence;
  • Preparation of accounting documentation (actual bookkeeping is delegated to independent accountants and auditors);
  • Management of bank accounts;
  • General business administration.

Commercial Relations

  • Assistance in finding customers, suppliers, insurance (maritime, credit and other), trading partners, etc.

*: Bluestone Merchant Fund Ltd (“the Fund”) is a public company, limited by shares and incorporated under the laws of Mauritius. The Fund holds a Global Business License issued by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission and has been authorized as a collective investment scheme with multi-class share capital structure classified as an Expert Fund under the Securities Act 2005 and the Regulations. The Fund aims at offering to small to mid-sized trading companies an alternative to banks in financing all or part of a deal and to investors stable, uncorrelated and an above market rate of return).

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